About this course

Learn how to confidently handle negative comments, from useful constructive feedback to nasty personal criticism, to improve your work whilst maintaining your own wellbeing. 

By the end of this course you will... 

- be able to identify different types of negative comments and assess what response (if any) would be most suitable 

- have a repertoire of responses to negative comments received in person, online and in the media 

- have identified strategies to maintain your own wellbeing and support others receiving negative comments

This course is suitable for anyone but would be most useful to comms people, people that handle any social media accounts, officers, and people who support officers.

Pricing options

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

  • 2

    Assessing negative comments

    • Getting negative comments

    • Who is saying it?

    • Is it useful?

    • Harassment

    • Section recap: Assessing negative comments

  • 3

    Should you respond?

    • What do you think?

    • The BRAN model

    • Benefits of responding

    • Risks of responding

    • Alternatives to responding

    • Do nothing?

    • Section recap: Should you respond?

  • 4

    How should you respond?

    • Taking back control

    • Option A - Come out swinging

    • Option B - Concede the point

    • Option C - Neutralise

    • A note about apologies

    • Section recap: How should you respond?

  • 5

    Looking after yourself and others

    • In the moment

  • 6

    Wrapping things up

    • Before you go...

    • Resources


Founder, 25 Dots

Jo Walters

Jo has been involved in students' unions as a student, volunteer, trustee, sabbatical officer and staff member. She worked as a students' union communications manager before going freelance to work with students’ unions and small organisations on marketing and communications projects. She offers consultancy, training and delivery and loves the variety that comes with working with different organisations. You can find out more at www.25dots.co.uk